Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer! Part One

I should really post something!! Before I left Athens I had aspirations of posting frequently, inspired by visions of myself cooking vegan banquets every night and documenting them for you all. Alas, I am lazy. I hate washing dishes and I rarely have the time to spend 2 hrs going from pan to plate.

My staples are baked tofu tossed in soy sauce, hummus, soymilk, and ezekiel bread.

Having food on hand 24/7 is quite a change - a change for my scale, that is. I'm trying to stay distracted from that fact with my day-to-day activities. Babysitting for a 9-year-old with ADHD and her two older, hated step-siblings keeps me on my toes. I like taking them out to do things that I remember doing, or wanting to do, as a kid. Today we went to the Anthony Thomas chocolate factory; it was like Willy Wonka without all of the technicolor wonder.

Lalala...well I will share some pictures with you soon - as soon as me and my digicam are in the same room. Ha.

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