Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Back to Reality

Please excuse my previous post, as it was incredibly sentimental and cheesy. Such ideas need to be written on paper and kept in a drawer, not posted on the internet. I apologize.

Now I want to focus on eating healthier. Because it's available at my parents' house, I've been eating conventional peanut butter and lots of processed foods and I can definitely feel the difference! Not only have I gained a lot of weight, I'm battling headaches and fatigue like crazy.

I'm going to the grocery store either today or tomorrow to pick up some fruits and veg. I'll probably get some quinoa and natural peanut butter (!). I'm definitely in a food rut and I could use some help.

I'm looking to eat a bit lighter and non-processed. Any tips? Also, do you make your own salad dressings or what do you put on your salads?


  1. I love annies goddess dressing, it is so tasty! Also I make a salad dressing using olive oil and balsalmic vinegar. Its super simple and super good. Good for you on taking charge and wanting to improve your health. :) Ive been in a bit of a food rut lately, so now im pushing myself to break out of it.

    Ive got a lot of recipes on my blog, and whenever your in doubt is a awesome site for recipes.

  2. Yay quinoa! It's my favorite. :) I use this Annie's shiitake mushroom dressing (it's at kroger or clintonville coop), or just extra virgin olive oil with fresh pepper. I also like making chipotle ranch with some silken tofu, chipotles in adobo, and some other stuff I can't remember. haha But that's a heavier dressing.

    I love marinated artichokes on salad, or pine nuts, or avocados-- I realize these are all high in fat, but they add a little substance to a salad. I've been really into kale lately, so you could do like a hot salad with grilled kale and some sort of sesame seed dressing.

    Good luck eating healthier over the holidays. I find it almost impossible haha :)

  3. PS Don't apologize for your last post! I liked it. That article was REALLY interesting, too.