Monday, December 28, 2009

2am update

I'm up uncharacteristically late tonight, updating my twitter and blogger backgrounds. That's normal, right??

So those no-bake date and nut cookies? One left. I pretty much ate them all. No one wanted any. Normally I'm a little offended when no one will try one of my creations, but this time I was happy to have them all to myself. Not joking, these were so effing delicious!! Definitely will make them again. Unfortunately I paid for my overindulgence today by experiencing some *gastrointestinal distress*. What? Dates are a laxative??

If any of you live in the Columbus area, you've got to check out a great tea spot that I just discovered. It's caled Tea Zone and it's off of Bethel Road (across from my favorite Banana Leaf!). I took my brave friend Karin and the two of us caught up on months of business once we discarded our shoes and took at seat at one of the tables that are recessed into the floor. The tea was served with some sort of sweet bread and a funky little sand timer to measure the tea's brewing time. I received some of their jasmine loose leaf tea for christmas - Teavana educated me in the art of proper tea brewing and I haven't enjoyed a cup of blah Tazo since.

My good friend Adina, the resident tea afficionado, raves about a spot in Westerville called something turtle...I'll find out details and let you know. I've yet to go there, but hopefully before I start classes next week (yikes) I'll have a chance to go.

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