Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sicky McSickerson

I've come down with something nasty (I think I'd have worse body aches if it were swine. I'm banking on bronchitis.) and I went to the store (Kroger) to find some natural cough drops - or any cough drops that were sugar-free. Since I was young my dad has maintained a theory on cough drops: they should always be sugar-free because the sugar feeds the bacteria in your throat, worsening the situation. My hopes were dashed when I found the only "natural" cough drops contained aspartame. I steered clear and purchased Traditional Medicinal's Throat Coat tea.

I know it seems dumb to run to Kroger in search of a natural product, but as it was 8 pm The Farmacy was closed. Also, the Kroger in Athens has the best natural/organic food/product section I've seen from the chain. They had all kinds of teas and remedies that I have heard have minimal effect and only produce "expensive urine", but no cough drops.

My question for you is, what do you do for cough and cold relief? Do you know of any brands of cough drops that are truely natural and also sugar free?

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