Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Retiring from babysitting and some tasty cous cous

Today was my last day of babysitting EVER. Seriously, I'm retired. I'll babysit my nieces and nephews, or my friends' babies, but no more prostituting my ego and gas money for me, measly pennies.

It's strange how no diss hurts more than one from a nine-year-old. Children state the obvious about the way that you look unabashedly. I wish they understood "polite" conversation does not include imitating the shape of a person's nose with sound effects or relating to the clarity of a person's skin with that of a raspberry. ouch.

Luckily today I only had the 13-year-old, since the younger two started school. We went to Easton to visit Teavana, my new favorite little shop. You should check them out. The salespeople teach you a lot as you select your loose leaves.

The picture above shows Brittany modeling some stilettos at Steve Madden. I still shop like a middle schooler: always touching and trying things on without actually buying. That's what happens when you're perpetually broke. At least I clean up after myself, though.

I came home starved, as I'd only eaten a Clif Bar for lunch (Blueberry Crisp flavor). I threw together a tasty concoction you can see below:
I browned some onion with garlic and added basil, terragon, and chili powder. Then I sliced and added a tomato we grew in my parent's backyard and some chickpeas. Then I poured in 1/3 cup of whole wheat cous cous and 1/3 cup water and let it soak up the water for five minutes. At the end I stirred in a small handful of raisins and sliced avocado on top. I've been obsessed with avocados lately.

Speaking of obsessions, babysitting got me back in the loop of the good shows on Disney Channel. I'm watching (and laughing out loud at)Phineas and Ferb as I write this. It's about two boys spending their summer vacation building insane inventions. It's so sarcastic and witty. It speaks to me.

My absolute favorite is Wizards of Waverly Place. Far from Harry Potter, the main character is super sassy. Disney has sure amped up their comedy from that sitcom trash they used to play.

Tonight I'm going to see Inglorious Basterds, which is supposed to be good. Cool.


  1. Couscous looks awesome... and Inglorious Basterds was AMAZING. I hope you like it! It was SO funny. There's something really uplifting about a WWII story where Jewish people kick some major Nazi ass. For real. I'd probably see it again.

    Anyway, I feel like a bad Disney fan. I have no idea what any of those shows are. I used to be so in the loop! At least I can drag Andy to some Pixar films every now and then. :)

    Let's get dinner again soon before you gooo! And we'll talk trash about mean little kids. One time, my friend's 5 year old sister asked me why my butt was so wide (in little kid terms, of course, with her hands stretching as wide as she could make them) and I cried. It happens.

  2. Yeah that tempeh was pretty off the chain. I'll have to bring them to a potluck one of these days.

    Yeah it was a really gory movie. But I think it was more hyperbolic. Ya know?

  3. Omg that's so funny! I mention on my app that I'm vegan. Usually doesn't go over well in restaurants though. "Will you serve meat?" It's like, "No, I thought I'd just obstain from that part of the job"??? Stupid question.

    Are you back in school, then?!? If not, let's get foooood!