Monday, April 20, 2009

Lazy Monday

There's definitely a possibility that I'm just a lazy person, as this is my second post in a row with "lazy" in the title. Luckily I was prepared for the weather. I walked back from class in full rain gear today, splashing in every puddle I could find; rain boots are great for that.

When I was younger I had the coolest umbrella. It was clear with purple details and it had pictures of minnie mouse hop-scotching on it. My parents got me the cutest things, seriously. I tried to find a photo one like it online but no such luck.

I'm appreciative of all this rain because I know Austrailians would kill for it. The latest Nat Geo had an article about the draught's affect on Austrailian agriculture. The fires weren't the end of the country's worries. This is around when I start to get really cynical about politics and how little governments do for their people. The protection we get according to John Loche's philosophy covers our basic right to clean drinking water.

When I graduate I really want to work for Americorps, possibly teaching or working on an organic farm. Maybe that will open doors for me to work for an NGO in the future and take food and water overseas. That's really what I feel a passion to do, and I know I'm not alone.

I love to chill out with the windows open while it rains. I love to hear the smacking of rain on the catwalk outside. How incredibly spring.

Which reminds me, I saw the most massive rabbit the other day. Hir owners took hir out for a hop in the park - you should have seen that rabbit go!

I can not wait to get settled into a place that will allow for me to have a furry friend. I think my friends with pets are beginning to suspect that I'm more interestsed in seeing their animals than them. They're right.

On a vegan note, they had falafel in the dining hall today. I was shocked. I got three giant pieces in celebration! Plus hummus. I was not disappointed, either. If there's anything our dining halls can do right, it's deep frying. Go falafel go!!

I signed up to attend a local foods cooking class tonight with my friend, but as it's raining I'm not really feeling it. Plus I emailed to ask what vegan options they would have, and apparently only the samosas are vegan. I love me some samosas, but I had them very recently. Have you ever had something prepared really well and it's almost like every time you think of it, you can still taste it? I had samosas at an indian restaurant in Fort Wayne, Indiana while I was visiting my aunt and uncle over spring break. They were delicious and I don't want to taint my memory of them with a samosa rendition that's not up to par.

(Interesting side-note: If you Google "bad samosa" won't get ANYTHING that matches. Yet another example of x + fryer = success.)
No wonder they fry Twinkies, Snickers bars, and cheesecake. This could be deep fried animal droppings and some people would never notice, let alone care. When you take a closer look at some of the stuff that people shovel in their pie-hole these days, the animal droppings might just be more nutritionally adventageous. How nausiating is that?

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