Friday, April 17, 2009

Starving Artists Lunch

What an amazing spring day...FOR VEGAN COOKING WORKSHOP. Here's the first of many that I will document for you.

VCW is put on by a group called Conscious Ohio and it is a co-op. On Tuesdays we get together to help cook, eat, and clean a vegan, mostly organic meal. The man who runs it all is named Boaz. He's a hare krishna who loves to share his passion for life (and yoga) with us.

Thursday nights Boaz runs an intro to meditation and yoga philosophy group called reflections. Afterward, yep you guessed it, there's a free vegan meal.

Fridays are actually a lunch we call starving artist's lunch. When the weather is nice we get to chill outside on the green.

I eat vegan so this group is a total gem - I schedule my weeks around it. It is my stability, and if any of you remember from your college days, stability is hard to come by! I doubt I could happily sustain myself without this balanced nutrition. Not only is the food cruelty free, it is also AMAZING. VCW has a following around 300 strong and it's growing in popularity all the time. We have a pretty big artsy/hippie crowd here at the midwestern college I attend.

What you're looking at are noodles in a light creamy sauce tossed with broccoli, green, red and yellow peppers over a bed of salad greens, carrots, cucumber, and pumpkin seeds. There was also a salad dressing that was roasted red pepper vinagrette-esque. To the side we have a chocolate chip cookie - Boaz is famous for these!! He must infuse them with all of the wisdom of yogis past. (No, I do not mean weed. The cookies are really just THAT good.)

After lunch we hung out at a cool little antique shop that didn't allow for picture-taking. Then we wandered some more, cleaned a friend's dorm room, ate dinner, and now I'm in for the night. How many college kids do you know that stay in on a Friday night? In my defense I've had two early exams the past couple of days that kept me up late studying.

Before lunch I was hanging out in the stacks at the library and I found a book about beading, which should be cool. Hopefully it will inspire me to start making some new jewelry. It's been since, um, Christmas.

Have a good evening!! TGIF - relax, yo.

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