Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day, Swimming

Happy Earth Day, everyone

My plants made perfect time in sprouting today. Plant intelligence > human intelligence?? The world may never know - just watch M. Night Shyamalan's the happening. I'm a huge fan of his movies and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one of my friends who leaves the theater satisfied with his work. His work is over-glammed but under-appreciated.

I have mentioned in the past that I am forced to eat in the dining halls of my midwestern college. Every once in a while they will surprise me with a tasty vegan meal, but more often than not I leave the feeding trough annoyed (and with a bag full of stolen fruit). C'mon, they say we can take ONE piece? There's no way what I eat in one meal measures up to the $10 they charge me.

I should start taking my camera to dinner so that I can document my massive cornocopias of salads. They win me stares from omni onlookers, it's humorous.

Two days ago for lunch they served really tasty falafel, for which I was pleased and I complimented it with some hummus. (Note: I'm considering leaving an anonymous tip for the kitchen staff in the form of a hummus recipe. The spacle they label hummus leads me to believe they've never heard of tahini. It's nearly tasteless and there's usually half-crushed canned chic peas in it. Alas, I'll eat anything if I think it's good for me, so I eat their concoction daily.)

For dinner last night I consumed a hummus and guacamole sandwich with sprouts and a side salad. The guacamole didn't taste like straight avocados, which got me wondering: is it vegan? Is it common to mix sour cream in a guacamole recipe? I will ask the kitchen staff at my next opportunity...

Sorry I don't have any original pictures for you. It's been really rainy and cold.

On a high note, I just got back from the pool. I love, love the water. I always have. So I celebrated Earth Day by enjoying my favorite part of the earth: water. It's the coolest element, anyway. Fire's too hot, air is invisible and sometimes smells badly, and earth is, well, dirt.

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