Friday, April 17, 2009


Why am I doing this? Why do I feel the need to blog? Why have I given in and decided to publish my thoughts online regardless of my gut instinct to run vehemently in the opposite direction from my computer?

Because what I have to say is really so important that I should subjugate the world at large to its monotonous cynicism? Nope. Because I find myself unabashedly goofy and unique? Yep. Welcome to my world of nonsense. Call it pretentious but don't call it late for dinner.

I'm a journalism student at a college in the Midwest. I like spinjongle and listening to free podcasts of NPR - especially "Wait, wait don't tell me..."

I have been frequenting vegan blogsites for the past year and a half or so, and I thought it about time I tried to contribute. As a college student living in the dorms, I haven't the opportunity to cook for myself save the vegan coop that I attend weekly. You can look forward to pictures of my Hare Krishna buddies and the amazing ethnic combinations that we whip together.

I consider myself to be a "strict vegetarian", as some of the products I'm forced to use here in the dorms are not vegan. I have been living this lifestyle for about a year and a half. I stopped eating meat as soon as I left home to come to school a couple of years ago.

So this blog will document my quest for a lifestyle more conscious of my eco footprint. I am also very spiritually inclined, so you may well hear of developments in that department as well.

I think that's enough information to start out with, so I wish you all a good day! If you're in the midwest - enjoy the sunshine. :)

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