Monday, June 8, 2009

Go listen to: Ray LaMontagne - Empty

I get to come home on Wednesday!! At this point all I'm doing is eating and watching movies online. No studying. No exercise. I've even gotten into vegan junk food like oreos and these freezable fruit smoothie things they sell in our markets. I just had three of them.

It's time to go home.

I'm very 'all or nothing' so I loose the ability to work in moderation when stress comes along. Sometimes I get really into exercise or sleep. This week it's eating, apparently. I'm not worried, though, I'll have plenty of veg and whole grains all summer...

My parents visited my aunt and uncle in Fort Wayne, Indiana this weekend. They're surrounded by amish farms and they grow a bit themselves. Mom and Dad came home with tons of home-grown goodies and even a few plants from my aunt's greenhouse!

That boy I told you about earlier is trying to redeem himself. We'll see how it goes. I'm very old-fashioned: I won't call him or text him first. He has to make all of the effort and I also have high standards for the way I think he should treat me. (Sounds healthy enough, but this comes from having learned the hard way. My 'type' was the jock asshole who is cocky as hell and doesn't call after the first hook-up unless he wants another. No more of that!!) So far so good - he just gives me a ton of space...don't think there are other girls in the picture, so I can handle space!


  1. I'm not very good with space. The less space you give me, the better. :)

    Andrew text messaged me literally five minutes after leaving him when we first met. And texted me the rest of the night. And then called me the next morning. I think I'm making him sound desperate, but it really isn't like that. I think some guys just like to be really clear when they're into you. No ambiguity. No games.

    Maybe you should call or text him first. So he's clear? Call me a feminist, but you shouldn't have to wait around for him. There are other guys...

    Good luck with the non-studying. I think it's the best thing to do before tests. Sleep a lot, rest. It's better for memory. haha That's my rationalization.

  2. So that "old fashioned" excuse doesn't fly. Call or text him if you want to talk to him. Don't set up barriers based on your pride if you're actually into him.

    If he's not happy you called or texted, then he's not worth your time. The person you're involved with should light up and be excited when you're calling. Why deny them that?

    Putting all the pressure of the relationship on him and EXPECTING him to come to you is unfair and setting yourself up for something mediocre while making it very difficult to make a real connection.

    Because while you're "worth" it, he probably thinks he's "worth it" too. If you don't make him feel appreciated by being "new fashioned," someone else will.

  3. Oh man. We're such married tools.

    In my defense, she was clearly throwing herself at me :)

  4. haha you guys are great. i know, i'm making excuses...i like my comfort bubble!!

    we ended up talking for like two hours, watching the giant thunderstorm that took us by surprise. it was one of those summer storms that comes from nowhere on a humid day. so cute...

    i'm nervous to kiss him...he burnt me a cd...we're officially in 3rd grade. i dig it.