Friday, June 5, 2009

Classes = OVER, Exams Here I Come...

Thanks for the comments on my last post, Tracy and Andrew. On second thought they are probably situations that no one would enjoy.

I just saw "He's Not That Into You" last weekend and found it throughly amusing in its truthfulness. It came at a good time, too, as I've been trying to push a certain boy who doesn't seem to want to call me out of my mind.

The last Starving Artists' Lunch is this afternoon! I hope Vegan Cooking Workshop will continue on into next year - I know I'm willing to step up to some responsibility (how's that for commitment??) in place of Boaz. Tuesday night we enjoyed falafel, home made pita, tabbouleh, hummus, baklava, and salad with the infamous dressings we know and love as VCW regulars. :)

I cannot convey my excitement in returning to Columbus for the summer!! I hope to work with Mercy For Animals (I really want to speak to Nathan Runkel again and let him know how he's changed my life...last time I met him I was an omnivore who knew next to nothing about animal cruelty.) and do lots of cooking. Next year I'll return to a HOUSE in Athens - no more dorm life woo!! - so I can continue to cook from here on out! I'll keep you all posted with pictures and recipes.

My current favorite cook book (I still use the training wheels) is Vegan Planet. I find it more user-friendly for a college student than Veganomicon.

I'm off to lunch!

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