Thursday, January 7, 2010

healthier state of mind, and body

tonight's dinner was a heaping plate full of veggies, drizzled with some Drew's raspberry salad dressing, olive oil, and pepper. More specifically, steamed vegetables and brown rice next to a salad. To end it all, a glass of red wine. Lovely :) My room mate, Jane, and I are watching some aweful Matthew McCaughnehey movie called Sahara.

I purposefully took some time in between these last two posts to work though the strong negativity I was feeling. I can honestly say that I'm feeling like a different person. I came back to school to start winter quarter, car and computer fixed thanks to my dad and my brother.

I've worked out twice this week, well on my way to meeting my goal of three times every week this year. Those much needed endorphins worked with my revised diet to make me feel rejuvenated. I've been praying and making time for quiet this week too.

I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow and I plan to buy:
1. Ezekiel bread
2. WholeSoy soy yogurt
3. Cauliflower and carrots
4. Sweet potatoes
5. Grapefruit
6. Salad dressing
7. Hummus (one of my food groups)

***Question: What's a sauce you'd eat on just about anything??


  1. Your dinner sounds awesome! Simple but hearty and most importantly of all - delicious.

    Hmmm...I'm a saucy broad ;-) so this is a hard question.... I love vegan butter sauces, especially if they are infused with garlic. You can't beat that. Then again I love a good spicy tahini sauce, that is pretty heavenly. Or a nooch based cheeze sauce. Ohhh and chocolate sauce, that is a winner. See? I just like a da sauce.

  2. I love making VCONS cashew ricotta. I eat that on anything!