Saturday, January 30, 2010


The book that introduced me to veganism, Skinny Bitch, has an entire chapter called "Sugar is the Devil" and continues on to sing the praises of natural sweeteners like agave nectar, raw cane sugar, and stevia. After doing a bit of my own research I've read that agave nectar raises blood sugar levels

Date sugar also interests me, as it sounds like a great ingredient to sweeten cakes and other baked goods. (Flashback to my super delicious raw Christmas date balls, ZOMG I love dates)

Has anyone heard of FruitSource? This article sings its praises. It replaces half of the fat on top of the sugar in a recipe. I wonder if it gets an oily texture when it's heated then. (While you're at that site check out what they have to say about sucanat and the production of sugar in general. Scary.)

"Tip: Read labels: Two new pharmaceutical-sounding sweeteners, PureVia and Truvia (made by Whole Earth Sweetener Company/Pepsi and Coke/Cargill, respectively) are made from Reb A and the sweetener erythritol, which I haven’t researched (tomorrow is another day…)" Buy Fair Trade/Organic from legit companies, y'all.

Around Christmas I found an article that was really negative about all sweeteners, only showing favor for dates and fruit in their whole form. I can't find it now and it's driving me crazy.

I bought Wisdom Natural Brands' Sweet Leaf Stevia a few weeks ago and I have been using it (alot!) in my tea, hence my curiosity as to which natural sweeteners are best. I want to know your thoughts!!

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  1. I love Skinny Bitch, that book is what made me go vegan! I have never heard of fruitsource before, but that is an interesting article. Reading lables is one of the most important things you can do when choosing a sweetner. I tend to avoid refined white sugar, but I use stevia and agave all the time.