Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh man...

So much to say. I ended things with that guy S today and he blew up on me. Might I add that we'd been on three dates and I wanted to break things off in a civil and respectful way? He spewed a bunch of hate back my way, but I suppose you'll meet people like that. I'm sad for him, really, because he'd made our relationship into something much larger than it was and I wasn't ready for that. (Also he thinks interracial dating is wrong and he enjoys hunting...)

 My lovely roommate Anna bought me (and herself!) some Purely Decadent Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl ice cream so that my tart day would have a sweet ending. She's great. I added some pb to it haha I'm a pb fiend.

SUPER EXCITING NEWS is two of my roommates taking the Vegan 30-day Challenge! After I provided Anna with some reading material she immediately said she wanted to make some changes. It rocked her world to know that cows don't consistently produce milk naturally, without being sperminated. (Her parents still don't believe her on that fact, either!) Now instead of living with three omnis and one vegetarian, I live with two omnis and two veg*ns!

I've kept up my 3x a week workout New Years Resolution and I feel and look so much better for it. School has been pretty stressful, but I think I'm in the groove now that I know what my professors are looking for. Next week it's time to schedule for Spring Quarter - this Winter Quarter is flying and I'm so glad!

One of our dining room windows, festively decorated by Jane.

All of the local schools have been closed since Monday because of all of the snow and the slush-turned-ice. I slipped walking down my back steps on the way to the bus this morning, but luckily I caught myself on the railing. You could say I glided down the stairs, really. Maybe it was even intentional, I can't really remember...

I'm sure there's a ton of other relevant details (like an idea for a new blog) to add - and I have lots of food pix, but they'll have to wait for tomorrow! Goodnight.

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  1. That is so exciting about your roommate taking a 30 day veg challenge!! Wouldnt it be neat if she stayed vegan :)