Monday, February 22, 2010

The insanity that is week 8 of the quarter

I purchased the following on yesterday's Kroger excursion:
WOO! ALMOND BUTTER!! I justified my purchase of this pricy "little" guy with 1)it was on sale and 2)I didn't buy Ezekiel bread (again). I'm not financially stable enough to buy a $5 loaf of nutritional bliss, unfortunately, so I bought a $4 jar of nut butter instead. Makes sense, right? (Considering it was either Ezekiel bread and peanut butter/hummus or just almond butter, well, yes.)

Not pictured is a box of shredded wheat. I'm really into the giant shredded wheats that you only need like one of to feel satisfied. Breakfast the last few days has been a mango followed by one shredded wheat + Tbsp of nut butter (before was peanut, today was almond!!).

Last night I also set up a week of eats by roasting, boiling, and marinating:
original product

sliced, boiling to mild flavor

setting up the marinade

goin' into the fridge

I also bought tofu which I drained, cut into chunks, and marinated in a delicious mixture of miso/water + Bragg's.

Mmmmm cauliflower, eggplant, baby carrots, and sweet potato roastin' away. I splashed them with olive oil (I really need to get some high-heat oil like coconut one of these days)and dusted with salt and pepper before popping them in at 350 for about 40 minutes. I like 'em a little crunchy!

I'm juggling four projects, one for each of my classes, these last few weeks and it's been rough. Interviewing, article-writing, exam-taking, language-creating, data-set-making...but all I've wanted to do is watch Shutter Island!!! Luckily I got to see it last night and I must say, I was impressed. The cinematography, acting, and story line all kept my attention. I'm a bit of a horror movie snob and although Shutter Island was marketed as a psychological thriller, it matches classic-style horror. Go see it, if you can handle a little mental rough housing.


  1. Heck yeah, I love their "manager special"s too. So what if it's a day old?! I'm broke, yo.

  2. Hang in there with all that work! Your eats look strangely similar to mine- I have both that tempeh and almond butter in the fridge now! Happy hump day!