Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Lookin, feelin like a million bucks"

(Written 6pm Feb 11th - waited to publish with pix!)

Just got home from the gym so my workout jams are stuck in my head. Hence the title.

I wanted to time myself running a mile and it wasn't pretty. Not only did I have the cardio overseer staring in my direction by the end, watching for me to pass out, but everyone who saw my scarlet face seemed to look at me as if I had seven eyes.

It took me about twelve minutes to run a mile. Ouch. I need to push myself more.

I stayed on the treadmill jogging and walking at an incline for the rest of 30 minutes, elipticalled for 20, and took my first ever step class. It was carazay! I was already sort of beat from my run and I don't think all of that up-down action is right for me. I still want to do a zumba class, but the gym only schedules them at weirdo times like 8am or 9pm. Alas, I had a good time today!

Now my knee is objecting to the run so I slapped an ice pack on it. I try to stay on the eliptical and bike so I don't strain my already objecting joints, but today I really wanted to see the progress I'd made over the past couple of months by timing my mile.

The view through my screen door - as close to the elements as I was willing to get. Note the KFC across the street...the neighbor that makes my house smell like vomit in the summer.

No work AGAIN because elementary schools are still closed. I'm annoyed at this point because I need money. At least I got paid today for the last two weeks so I can pay my bills and do a bit of grocery shopping.

We didn't get near as much snow as Columbus.

I'm looking forward to a Valentines weekend sans a valentine - I've conveniently never had a boyfriend over Valentines Day, anyway. I believe a dance party is in order at some point this weekend (complete with rap music and a strobe light. Jealous?) and my cousin Ashley is coming to visit on Sunday.

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