Friday, January 15, 2010

I-I-I-I'm so Hard

WOO HOOO look who's online at 11pm on a Friday night! ;)

I'm sitting on my parent's couch doing homework while they're in bed (I'm digging myself in deeper here, I know). I came home for the long weekend for some appointments and to spend some family time. My mom, grandpa, and aunt were in a car accident on Tuesday evening and my mom is incredibly shaken up about it. Everyone is okay, but the impact broke my grandpa's back and his sternum. He has Parkinson's and has been working in physical therapy five days a week for the past four months in order to move into an independent living facility. Now he needs surgery so they've taken him off of his meds and his Parkinson's is slowly creeping back. We're crossing our fingers that he doesn't continue to digress past the progress that he made in physical therapy.

Anyway, I'm home for moral support. Depression often sneaks in on me and my family and my mom is the current victim.

I've been eating pretty boring lately. I love what I eat, of course, it's just not worth taking a zillion pictures exactly like this one:

Sweet potatoes, broccoli, Braggs, hummus, Indian spices, onion...I think that was it. I also had a soy yogurt with protein powder - a new rival for hummus as my main food group, I think!

I'm loving my workout schedule. Three days a week for a little over an hour I walk/run, do the eliptical, then the stairmaster, then a bunch of crunches. I'm feeling a lot healthier, I have more energy, my clothes are fitting better...Life is good when you exercise!

I found two flavors of Luna Bars at WF tonight that I've never tried before: Dulce de Leche and Chai Tea. Pretty sure I've seen them before and just didn't want to try them ha! They were 99 cents I decided to be adventurous and picked them up along with my soy yog, dried mango, and Kombucha. At the checkout line the woman asked if I wanted to donate the money you recieve for bringing a reusable grocery bag(10 cents, I think?) to help in Haiti relief. I thought it was cool of the WF Corp. to join the aid train. (As opposed to the AIDS train...haha...*ahem*)

***Question: do you ever do classes at the gym? Which ones have you liked and which ones have you hated?


  1. Oh no! Im so sorry to hear about your gandfather Ill say an extra prayer for a speedy recovery.

    At my gym ive taken zumba classes which i LOVE! They are so much fun I take them 3 times a week. I also took a spinning class which was okay, but a little borning for my tastes.

  2. I've heard good things about zumba! I'm going to try it. Thanks so much for your concern with my grandpa :)