Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Ahh this feels familiar: hours spent pouring over textbooks, friends over for brunch, watching movies in bed on my computer, calling mom and catching her answering machine...Yesterday must have been a Sunday. Alas, not a very good one.

I've gone almost a week without Lexapro (thanks, CVS), which was completely unintentional, so I've been trapped on an emotional rollercoaster for the past few days. Yesterday morning I cried for about an hour for no reason, not fun. Thank God my roommates are so loving; they hugged me and sat by my side. After that minor episode we had friends over for the weekly Sunday Brunch. I didn't take pictures because I had already eaten and the meal wasn't vegan. We only had two friends this week and I wanted to hang with them since they're ones I know well. After a couple of hours spent chatting about Arrested Development, the Muppets, and dirt found on historical figures through FBI databases they set out into the snow and I returned to my study cave:

Please note the space heater pointed directly at my chair. It' freakin cold by those windows (and everywhere else in my house).

When I was finished I started to watch Youth in Revolt with Michael Cera, whom I love. So far so good - I't s mostly funny because it's so ridiculous, which seems to be a theme for my brand of humor of late (It's Always Sunny, Arrested Development, 30 Rock).

Dinner was a big plate of veggies:

More specifically raw lettuce, sprouts, and a few carrots + steamed cauliflower, sweet potato, broccoli, and carrots + a sauce of Braggs, Indian spices, and a few dollops of hummus (Basha garlic). Later I had a soy yogurt with protein powder and a piece of Ezekiel bread with hummus. By the end of the day my hormones felt stabalized somewhat.

I even feel good today. I've been praying with my roommate and on my own a lot about it. Jesus experienced depression; God knows how it feels like quicksand. I'm going to CVS to pick up my prescription today, finally. I just hope that jumping back to 20 mgs won't cause an effect similar to yesterday.

On the bright side, today begins week two of winter quarter; that's progress. I'm going back to work, weather permitting, 3-6pm Monday through Friday. (I work at an afterschool program for disadvantaged elementry school kids in the local city schools. Because of the weather they didn't have school last week, so I haven't seen them since before winter break! Miss those guys.)

Also, I'm going to Columbus this weekend to be a part of a fundraiser for an orphanage in Thailand called the House of Love. One of my friends lived there as a volunteer last summer and she's helping to organize the night of information, Thai food, and generosity.

I'm missing the annual Walk for the Homeless, which raises awareness here in Athens for the large number of people who live without shelter. I've never taken part in the Walk, but my room mate Jane works for Good Works and I've heard her describe it quite a few times as she has recruited our friends over the past few months:

Apparently there are a few different walks you can be a part of, one of which is side-by-side with men and women who have been or are currently homeless. The whole idea is to raise awareness of the vast number of homeless people in Athens County by putting a face on the issue. Meet people who are or have been homeless, talk to them about their lives or just relate to them as fellow Americans and humans. After walking there's a meal of beans and rice eaten in solidarity to think of the rest of the world who sustains on that alone.

So that's what's been on my mind lately. I hope I'm able to share more meals (and less emotional crap) with you over the coming week!

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